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Year of release: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 00:53:33

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The spy series is based on the scenario of the once-acclaimed thriller “Condor”. A modern version of the remake tells of a career in the CIA of young Joe Turner. He firmly believes in office ideals and diligently engaged in the analysis of the information collected. Condor Season 1 Torrent Download Once in his department tragic events occur. His colleagues are brutally attacked and murdered. The main character has to radically change the way of life, otherwise it is in grave danger. Joining the fight against the cruel enemy, Joe learns about the threat of a massive terrorist attack for millions of innocent people.

The film is to some extent a remake of a picture of the same name, released by Sydney Pollack in 1975. The basis for the film was the novel “Six Days of the Condor”, created by James Grady. Condor Season 1 Torrent Download The main character of the story, which we have to see in detail, will be a certain analyst. Many acquaintances consider this person to be a true nerd, since he is too harmless and extremely picky about many things. But manifestations of weakness of character occur with this hero only until the moment of the occurrence of a serious danger. An extreme situation turns the mind of a botanist, who unexpectedly discovers the unique properties of character. Somewhere deep were hidden reserve forces, which at the moment were able to break through.

It is from this stage that the real spy thriller begins. Our hero is destined to discover the complete composure and insight of a fighter. The warrior readily engages in thugs, as he soberly assesses his strength. Even a few gangsters are not able to stop the pressure of this fighter. About further as uncontrolled for our character. Condor Season 1 Torrent Download What is happening is not subject to any logic, far from any laws and principles. Along with this, our character falls under the action of crazy luck. Fortune smiles at him at every step, protecting and guarding against serious trouble.

A classified agent manages to survive in the most difficult conditions. Joe Turner worked in the office, carefully hiding his real nature from the environment. But the essence of the hero manifested itself in unusual circumstances. Condor Season 1 Torrent Download Returning after a lunch timeout for this person turns into a real hell. All employees who worked with him once in one team, are killed. To find the culprit in the murder of colleagues, our hero makes an important call. At this point, you have to disclose your spy name. After the telephone conversation, the Condor will meet with some kind of agent entrusted with the protection of the witness. But instead of providing security, a special officer tries to commit an attempt on our character. Condor remains alive. But after that, he ceases to trust even the service for which he worked for several years. Who and for what purpose concealed a secret from Joe?