Green Book (2018) Torrent

Events unfolded in the mid-60s of the 20th century in the United States, and in the center of the plot is an American of Italian descent Tony Leap, whose parents emigrated to America in the light of the rays of life in the early 1950s. Green Book (2018) Torrent Tony is somewhat rude and cheeky, his tongue is hanging and he can sway anyone. On occasion, Tony is ready to work with his fists, and for the sake of his family he takes on any job, even if it is connected with crime, and often works as a bouncer or personal security guard.

One day, Tony hires a sophisticated, dark-skinned, talented pianist named Dr. Shirley. Green Book (2018) Torrent The pianist intends to make a tour of the southern states of the country, where black people are not very fond of, and racial discrimination still exists, and Tony must become his driver and security guard. Tony himself is not very enthusiastic about dark-skinned people, and there’s a social and cultural divide between the sophisticated intellectual with good manners and those who graduated only from high school Tony.

Green Book (2018) Torrent However, gradually communicating closely, Tony realizes that you should not judge people only by skin color, and Shirley sees real talent, and a very lonely person. Shirley, in turn, notices that Tony, though rude, is not really a cruel person, he loves his family, is not stupid, and most importantly is faithful to his ideals and principles.

Instant Family (2018) Torrent

Ellie and Peter always dreamed of a big happy family and a whole bunch of kids of different ages, but unfortunately, all attempts to have offspring invariably ended in failure. Instant Family (2018) Torrent Hearing about the state patronage education program, when the state takes over the costs of providing for pupils, the heroes decided to take a responsible and extremely important step – they went to the orphanage to adopt a child.

Instant Family (2018) Torrent But everything turned out differently as the future adoptive parents had planned. Upon arrival, they decided that it would be hard for one kid to get used to a new home, and took three, convinced that their love and patience would be enough for everyone.

Instant Family (2018) Torrent Just a few hours later, the couple realized that their ideas about children, drawn from books, turned out to be idealized and divorced from life. The couple faced real little devils, capricious shkodniki and fidgets, completely wanting to listen to someone else’s instructions and advice. The twins and the teenage girl, who had their own needs, desires and fully formed character, did not allow the father and mother to relax and quickly made them regret their own noble, but rash and hasty act.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Torrent

In the seventh part of the legendary picture, the famous Peter Parker is the main character again. In the costume of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse torrent, he has repeatedly saved the city from various enemies.

In the same image, he fell in love with a beautiful girl. And all this happened in our real dimension. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse torrent Once, with the help of a giant collider, a window opened in parallel worlds.

Our hero flew through many universes. In each dimension, he met his spiderman. All of them have joined forces to resist the worst enemy of all times and peoples, as well as all dimensions.

Creed II (2018) Torrent

The long-awaited continuation of the beloved story of the legendary boxers who want to restore justice and pay tribute to the enemies according to merit. Creed II torrent Many years have passed since the last events of this incredibly exciting story. But little has changed in the soul of the protagonist of the plot, which became the resilient and desperate fighter Adonis Creed.

He was still a little boy when his father died – world-famous boxer – Apollo Creed II torrent. He was considered a fearless fighter, not knowing the losses and defeats. Not so often it was possible to meet such a professional athlete in the ring. And only one boxer could become a worthy competitor for him. They turned out to be Rocky Conlan, who won the title of World Boxing Champion. They were rivals, but not enemies. And always behaved honestly, both in battle and in life.

Then one day the terrible news struck the Creed II torrent family. Apollo was killed. And it happened under rather strange circumstances. The boy is given to the shelter. And for some time the unfortunate Adonis was forced to spend in very difficult and unsuitable conditions for the child. And only after the widow Apollo decided to take him to her, Creed II torrent he began to gradually return to normal life.

Years went by, time passed inexorably fast. And now Creed Junior did not just grow up, but grew so mature that he himself decided to become a boxer. And he did not find a candidate better than the former rival of his father – Rocky. He did not immediately agree to such activities. Rocky left sport a long time ago and did not want to go back to the passed stage at all. But Adonis was so sincere in his request that Rocky decided to meet him and become his personal trainer.

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Torrent

Since the big and strong Ralph Breaks the Internet torrent unwittingly became the initiator of the great destruction, but managed to save the slot machine hall from an insidious scoundrel nicknamed Turbo the Avenger, six years have passed.

Ralph Breaks the Internet torrent Suddenly, after a long and trouble-free service, the old machine gun stopped working with the game “Sugar Racing”. To fix it, you need to get and replace one small, but extremely important detail. Awkward thug, as well as his loyal comrades and reliable assistants Felix and Vanessa von Keks, having learned about Wi-Fi and many incredible features that they had not previously suspected, find the router installed just a few days ago, and set off on a journey through the unfamiliar and incomprehensible, Ralph Breaks the Internet torrent but to the very entertaining world of the internet.

Lovers of adventure are waiting for numerous and very interesting meetings – with the fascinating heroes of Walt Disney, with the modern algorithm of Da-sss, with Iron Man and even with the Star Wars princess, charming Leia. Accustomed to breaking everything on his way, the big man will manage to create chaos in the virtual space, which will make a lot of enemies. Ralph Breaks the Internet torrent But, remembering that now he faces an important task, he will probably try to make things not so terrible and destructive as usual.

At Eternity’s Gate (2018) Torrent

At Eternity’s Gate Torrent Download This biographical film will reveal the whole truth about the life of the famous artist and creator Vincent Van Gogh. This man was from ordinary citizens who wanted to change the world with his creations.

At Eternity’s Gate Torrent Download His unusual view of things made him come up with a very interesting style of painting, which was not clear to everyone during his time of existence. For many years he worked, in the hope that at least one painting would make people change their minds about the eternal and interesting. However, not having received recognition, he never learned that after his death, the pictures he painted became the standard of art.

Rich people and even the great minds of modern times wanted to get these creations in their hands. At Eternity’s Gate Torrent Download The world recognized him when Van Gogh himself was no longer with us, but his idea and thoughts still live. Each picture personifies his feelings, faith in the best and makes you think about how complex and incomprehensible this world is. The thoughts of an ordinary person poured into these landscapes, showing the entire equanimity of existence, and the creator himself still makes each of us marvel at what was once not worth a penny.

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) Torrent

In the world of contemporary art, one can meet the most diverse characters from connoisseurs, connoisseurs and artists to thieves and deceivers. The plot of the “Velvet Buzzsaw torrent download” is twisted around the paintings of an unknown artist-hermit. After his death, the master of the art gallery, Morf Vandevolt, took possession of the paintings of the master.

Together with his assistant Rodora Hayes Morph began the sale of these paintings. But no one imagined that a hidden secret meaning was put into these pictures. In each picture lives a supernatural force that begins to avenge greed on the way to art.

Mortal Engines (2018) Torrent

There was a great war, which resulted in the emergence of predatory cities. They are forced to drive on wheels and absorb smaller settlements in order to replenish their resources. Mortal Engines Torrent Download The chronology of events unfolds as follows. For many millennia, people have been forced to live in such conditions, because the apocalypse has occurred, and with this it is necessary to simply measure. At the epicenter of the plot is a man named Tom Networthy.

He lives on the lower level of the city of London. His quiet measured life changed dramatically when a rebel woman appeared in her, whose name was Esther Shaw.

These two people were destined from above that they would meet sooner or later. And the long-awaited meeting took place. Only she pretty changed the world of both people. Now they must stand together on the threshold of a brilliant action that will affect the future of humanity.

Polar (2019) Torrent

In the world of hired killers, Duncan Vizla was considered the most dangerous killer in the world. The protagonist of the “Polar (2019) Torrent Download” has long since moved away from criminal cases and began to live a quiet, peaceful life. Once he carried out orders around the world and he was known as the Black Kaiser. Polar (2019) Torrent Download He no longer took a weapon in his hands, but the dark past does not allow him to live out his life in peace.

Polar (2019) Torrent Download The fact is that one of the customers, with whom Duncan once had a small conflict, decided to get even with the offender. Polar (2019) Torrent Download He hired young killers to remove Duncan. Now our hero will have to take up arms again and use his skills and experience in order to save his life.

A Private War (2018) Torrent

Sometimes it is worth wondering what the correspondents are doing, who are sent in too harsh conditions for the transfer of information to ordinary citizens. A Private War (2018) Torrent Download Not many people think about the fact that such a profession can be more dangerous than that of firefighters and police officers. A Private War (2018) Torrent Download War correspondents every day cover all the news of the third world countries, where the most real wars are raging for the territory, where people and not only the military are killed.

In this story we will talk about the world famous Mary Colvin, the most real heroine of our time. A Private War (2018) Torrent Download She visited Chechnya, Iraq, the Middle East and many other hot spots. She is always where the flames rage, she manages to convey quite clearly the information that is expected of her. A Private War (2018) Torrent Download She had to get into dangerous situations, get injured and even be some time in the balance from death, but this never stopped her, the real standard in the world of journalism and news.




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