Aladdin 2019 Torrent

Events unfold in the eastern city of Agrabe, ruled by the Sultan. Aladdin 2019 Torrent is a young boy who lives with his mother in a dilapidated hut. They constantly need money, as the hero’s father died, and the mother cannot independently earn money for the needs of the family. This forces Aladdin 2019 Torrent to hunt for petty theft, stealing food and water.

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He has long been in love with the beautiful princess Jasmine, who is the daughter of the Sultan and the first beauty of Agraba. After the girl meets him, she also falls in love with the young man, their feelings are mutual. But the heroes understand that they are not destined to be together, since the sultan will never allow them to become spouses.

Aladdin 2019 Torrent Meanwhile, a real conspiracy is brewing in the town, in consequence of which the sultan will be overthrown from the throne, and his place will be taken by the treacherous Jafar, who serves at the court. The villain wants to kill the current ruler, and the princess Jasmine to make his wife, which should take place in his harem.

Upon learning of this, the heroes intend to by all means prevent Jafar. It turns out that they all need a magic lamp with a genie, which is located in an enchanted cave. Not everyone can get there, but Aladdin is chosen, and the lamp is in his hands. He will have to face the genie himself, try to save Agrab and do everything possible not to lose his beloved.

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