Ad Astra 2019 Torrent

Ad Astra 2019 Torrent When in a person, in the opinion of society, something is wrong – they are trying to fix everything around. So it is with the protagonist named Roy, an introvert guy. Ad Astra 2019 Torrent Since childhood, his parents see in him only flaws, lead by doctors, not wanting to accept the diagnosis – autism. And no one wants to look at it from the dignity and talent of a person.

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Only the guy himself does not understand that there is a problem in him. He is not eager to communicate with people, he does not go to fun and crowded places, but he is very passionate about engineering. Roy is committed to his beloved work and becomes a military engineer.

Ad Astra 2019 Torrent But now, besides his passion for his inventions, his thoughts are occupied with another important issue – the fate of his father. One day, McBride Sr. got into the crew of a ship, whose mission was to explore the planet Neptune, to detect life forms. Honorable mission, advanced technology and unlimited possibilities in the future – that’s what the team promised. But a strange case happened and the ship went missing. The government has put forward its version of events for the public.

Only Roy is haunted by the various details that occurred before his father was sent to space and how they tried to “hush up” all the hype around this matter after. He is increasingly studying the incident, finding strings leading to the fate of his father. He is increasingly convinced that he is alive. And now, 20 years after the incident, he himself will have to go on this journey. Perhaps this is a chance not only to make a scientific breakthrough, but also to find his father.

Ad Astra 2019 Torrent He realizes that the task is extremely difficult and it will be good luck to save his life. Only Roy’s character and mindset push him forward; he believes he can do more than is expected of him. But not for the sake of the public, but the family’s dearest to them.

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